Towards Human-vehile Harmonization


Huseyin Abut, Gerhard Schmidt, Kazuya Takeda, Jacob Lambert, John H.L. Hansen
ISBN:   978-3-11-099434-6  
Publication:   March 2023  
Publisher:   de Gruyter  
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This book features works from world-class experts from academia, industry, and national agencies from across the world focusing on a wide spectrum of automotive fields covering in-vehicle signal processing, driver modeling, systems and safety. The essays collected in this volume present cutting-edge studies on safety, driver behavior, infrastructure, and human-to-vehicle interfaces.

  • Presents the state of the art of intelligent vehicles technologies.
  • Covers: DSP technologies, driver status monitoring, in-vehicle dialogue systems.
  • As well as: human-machine interfaces, vehicle to vehicle/infrastructure wireless technologies.