Advances for In-Vehicle and Mobile Systems: Challenges for International Standards


Huseyin Abut, John H.L. Hansen, Kazuya Takeda
ISBN:   978-0-387-45976-9  
Publication:   2007  
Publisher:   Springer  


The book is focused on a broad coverage of the fields in DSP for Mobile and Vehicular Systems, namely, Driver and Driving Environment Recognition, Telecommunication Applications, Noise Reduction and Dialog Systems for In-Vehicle systems, and finally challenges for International Standards. The book is organized in four groups of chapters. First group of chapters are concentrated on Driver and Driving Environment reporting on the application of signal processing technologies to characterizing human behavior while driving and encouraging further research efforts on the analysis of driver behavior. The next group is dedicated to the most important application in Mobile and Vehicular Systems, (i.e., Telecommunication Applications). This part considers technologies for wireless communication systems, a distributed speech recognition paradigm, and embedded platforms. The third and largest number of works addresses a major challenge for Mobile and Vehicular Systems, namely Noise Reduction, which has ever-changing environmental noise that seriously degrades performance of these systems. Fourth group of chapters are dealing with challenges for International Standards and Dialog Systems for In-Vehicle, is an essential issue for not only interface efficiency, but also for safety and comfort while driving.