In-Vehicle Corpus and Signal Processing for Driver Behavior


Kazuya Takeda, John H.L. Hansen, Hakan Erdogan, Huseyin Abut
ISBN:   978-0-387-79582-9  
Publication:   2009  
Publisher:   Springer  


The book is comprised of expanded papers from the third biennial DSPinCARS held in Istanbul in June 2007. Topics covered in this book spans a broad coverage of the fields in DSP for Mobile and Vehicular Systems, namely, safety, data collection, driver modeling, telecommunication applications, noise reduction and speech recognition for in-vehicle systems. This book is appropriate for researchers, engineers, and professionals working in signal processing technologies, next generation vehicle design, and networks for mobile platforms as well as officials of public and private institutions involved in developing national and international standards, making decisions on new technology acquistions and the deployment of those standards and systems in real-world scenarios.